HTC Zip 1.20

Handle Zip files on your mobile device


  • Creates Zip archives in a few steps
  • Quickly unpacks compressed files
  • Powerful built-in search


  • Doesn't support all compression formats

Very good

The Zip format has long been established as the most popular way of packing large files into smaller bundles in order to save memory space. For that reason I've always been amazed at how poorly the format is handled on the Windows Mobile platform.

HTC Zip is designed to help you handle these kind of files on your mobile device, making it easier to compress and uncompress archives.

The HTC Zip interface is very reminiscent the Pocket File Manager, giving you the power to list all compressed archives on your phone or on the external memory card.

It also contains a powerful built-in search facility to help you pinpoint the files you wish to manage.

A new archive can be created in just a few clicks and works in a similar way to the WinZip software for Windows.

Uncompressing files is just as easy and is simply a matter of clicking on the file and selecting the option to open it.

The number of compression formats supported isn't huge, but for quickly zipping or unzipping Zip files on your Pocket PC, HTC Zip performs very well.

HTC Zip is a utility designed to help you archive and extract . zip compressed files easiy and quickly on your Pocket PC device. The program boasts a number of tools for compressing and uncompressing archives and lets you quickly browse all Zip files on your machine or search for a specific archive.



HTC Zip 1.20

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